Jan 24, 2015

Pattern Revolution: Bundle Up Girls Blog Tour Part 1

I am so thrilled to part of Pattern Revolutions new Bundle Up Blog Tour! Today I am going to share with you the perfect spring coat; El Penny Vintage Coat by Ellie Inspired.

I do not make coats often so I thought that this would be a good challenge for me. I was right. The instructions given were precise and clean. I loved the fact that there were basic and advanced options. I learned many true tailoring techniques that made this coat absolutely wonderful!

I did want to make the coat look a little less sweet and a bit more grown-up for my overly fashion conscientious pre-teen (I have created a monster!). To do this I made the following changes;
(1) I omitted the Skirt Hem Ruffle
(2) I chose not to make the Belt Loops  or Belt and added one of my favorite belts from the closet
(3) I used pearlized snaps rather than buttons

That is what is so awesome about patterns! You can make them your own and fit them to your mold. Because the pattern was so well developed I was able to make these changes without compromising the overall design and outcome of the coat! My daughter is thrilled with it! Actually both daughters are thrilled with it. That is the other thing I loved about the coat; it is versatile! While I was capturing pictures of the dress only on my oldest, my assistant stole the coat and put it on. I was so in love with how it looked with a pair of jeans and a tee-shirt! This is a must have pattern! I know I say that a lot, but apparently I have a pattern addiction (you can see some of my issues here).
I almost forgot one of my favorite parts of the coat...the POCKETS! At first I was thinking that they were placed to far back, being high and on the side seam, but once my little lady put her hands in the pocket it gave the front skirt of the coat such awesome volume! I adore how it gives the coat some poof and piazza! I really need to size this up and make one for me.

Under the coat is a sleeveless jersey dress that was such a fast simple project. I chose not to add the optional neck ruffle and used double-sided elastic to encase the raw edges. I added some really fun trim around the gathered waist and kept the colors simple but bold. I got this awesome triangle jersey knit from Girl Charlee. It is so soft and yummy! The gathered skirt hits right above the knee and so it is approved by me, my little lady, and dad. I like that the dress is simple enough to be worn to school but also can be worn to Church and other more dressy events, like a recital or play.

So now it is your turn to stitch up the Penny Vintage Coat and Dress. This is what is great about Pattern Revolution and the bundles that they create and make available for sale! You can purchase only a few patterns or all the patterns and the best part is that the more patterns you choose to purchase the less you pay per pattern. I purchased the entire set (yes I know we already discussed my issues) - but there are 2 great coats included in the set, multiple dresses, shirts, wide-leg pants, a cardigan. Basically it is your little lady's entire spring wardrobe wrapped into one sweet little Bundle!
So head over to Pattern Revolution and create a bundle that is perfect for YOU! I have more outfits to show you from this bundle so you must keep checking back AND Pattern Revolution is hosting a GIVEAWAY that you want want to miss! Thanks for stopping by today, don't forget to check out all the stops on this blog tour - you are not going to want to miss any of them!

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Jan 18, 2015

Week 2 of Project 52

I am not a Pro at Photoshop and I am a traditionalist when it comes to scrapbooking, but I thought that once a month I would share with you a new trick or tip that I am learning as I complete my digital Project 52. This week I am going to show you how I rotated my original PSD Page Template file so that the pictures I took would work with the file. My little lady wanted to use these 3 vertical photos this week but really wanted to use a template that was designed for horizontal pictures. So I had to learn something new.

First you need to do is to open your PSD file in Photoshop.

Next You will need to click on the "Images" tab in the upper left hand corner of your screen and scroll down to "Image Rotation" then "90 Clockwise" and right click.

This will change the orientation of your page and thus you can now use vertical photos in your blue boxes rather than horizontal photos.

Now you will want to save this file as a PSD with a title that you will remember. I used the original template name and added the word "Rotated." Click save and then open this new file in Photoshop and let the fun begin!

Now the pictures that my daughter picked will fit a PSD file that we have on hand and I did not have to create or purchase a new file. 

I hope that you all are taking a bit of time every week to document a few moments of your life! We would love to see what you are up to so feel free to add your your page in the comments or a link to your page and we will come say hi!

Jan 16, 2015

Free Pattern Friday with Mae&K

Free Pattern Friday
Happy Friday. We are participating in Free Pattern Friday with Maegan from Mae & K! She is running a fun series where she will be reviewing FREE patterns that she has found from amazing designers and bloggers on Fridays through out the year. This week she is highlighting the Small Fry Skinny Jeans from Titchy Threads and has invited me to join in the fun! I adore Laura of Titchy Threads and have tested for her in the past so I knew that these 'trousers,' as this awesome Brit calls them, would be next to perfection and I was right! The version that is available for free on her blog Craftstorming  is in a size 2 only. But don't fret because she also has the pattern available in her shop for only $10. After making this pair you can guarantee that I will be buying the pattern so that I can make more for the rest of my kids! Small Fry Skinny Jeans
I would highly suggest you follow Laura as she works through these trousers one day at a time. It is a simple and painless way to complete the pattern and understand the ins and outs of making pants. I will have to admit that this is my first pair of pants that have more parts than a waistband and a bit of elastic. I was worried at first but everything went along just fine, because Laura has great pictures and easy to understand directions. Here is a cheat sheet for the days; Day OneDay TwoDay ThreeDay Four. The supplies that you need are listed on each day.
Ahhh, now the fun part. These are the trousers that I made for my little men. My hubbie thinks that they are a bit loud, and while I might agree, I LOVE THEM! It think that kids are only young for so long and they will only let me dress them for so long...so I am going to take advantage of my time dressing these little rockers!

Be sure to check out the pants that Maegan created at Mae&K and the ones that Maartje over at Huiseje Boompje Boefjes. And.....

Laura from Titchy Threads is going to give one lucky reader the full size range pattern FREE! Thanks for stopping by today enjoy your weekend!

Jan 11, 2015

Week 1 of Project 52

I have tried doing the 'Project 365' photo style, year after year. Some years I make it for months, some years I cheat and count a photo from a previous day for a day I forgot. Never have I made it all the way to December 31st, but I also have never regretted attempting it.

This year I am going to try something a bit different. Project 52. My girls are now old enough to be interested in writing about and preserving their own memories rather than just looking at the scrapbooks I create. So every Sunday we are going to take the time to pick 2-3 photos that I or they have taken in the previous week and create a Project Life page with them. Each kid will get to do this (some with more help than others) and hopefully we will make it all 52 weeks. I think that this will be a fun way for us to remember all the adventures, fails, journeys, memories and loves of 2015. I will be holding myself and my kids accountable by posting one finished page here each Sunday. What are you doing this year to preserve your memories?

Dec 29, 2014

Fabric Countdown Chain on OTCF

We are finishing of our year over at On the Cutting Floor! This is such a fun blog crammed with great tutorials, free patterns, and other resources that you are sure to use in this coming year. So head over for details on how to create a Fabric Countdown Chain and to say hi to Daniela.

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