Jul 18, 2015

My Little Pony Inspired Everyday Wear at Crafting-Con

This month I am in another friendly competition with my online sewing buddies. It is called Crafting-Con and it is going to be a great season. This month the theme is My Little Pony! I had a blast with my girls planning, sewing, modeling, seam ripping, re-sewing, and creating 3 fun everyday wear outfits that were inspired by one of their favorite cartoons, My Little Ponies -Friendship is Magic! I loved My Little Ponies growing up and I am trilled that my girls enjoy this cartoon now. The characters are sweet, spunky, and sassy - just like my ladies.
I used some of my favorite patterns and some new ones to create these looks. I also used fabrics from Stitch Box Monthly - a fun monthly sewing supplies club, from our shop, Phat Quarters, and a bunch of scraps. I even got to sketch, scan, and paint in Photoshop to create the fun backgrounds that added the whimsy into my entry. There are three complete everyday wear outfits inspired by three of our favorite characters from the cartoon for you to enjoy. Can you figure out who is wearing what pony? My girls would love to know your guesses, so please leave a comment here for them, then head over to Crafting-Con to see my entry and Sew-Along with us for great prizes! See you there.

Jul 9, 2015

Fabric Teepees at Camp with Sewing With Boys

We are still playing at Camp over at Sewing With Boys! You are going to love the project that we have for you today. It is fun to make, uses up your scraps, and completely kid friendly.
What little boy, or girl, does not like to play with Indians in the summer time. Our yard is a perfect spot for hunting deer, picking berries, building a campfire, and of course constructing a teepee. We used this project to learn a little bit more about what a teepee is, who used them, and how they are built.
We learned that teepees were used by the nomadic Native Americans from the Great Plains. They were used as the living spaces for a single family or for multiple families. We also learned that the construction of the teepee was the responsibility of the women. They would use long poles as the base, then wrapped animal skins around it. In the summer time, when it was hot, they would leave an opening at the base of the teepee to allow the air to flow through. In the wintertime, the base was secured to the ground to keep the heat in. The hole at the top of the teepee was left open so that the smoke from fires made within, could escape into the air.
We also learned that traditionally the entrance to the teepee was positioned to the east so that the rising sun could be seen in the morning. Sometimes the teepees were all arrange in a circle so that the children could play in the open space created in the center.

Another fun thing that we learned is that while the women were in charge of building the teepee, the men were in charge of painting the skins on the outside of the teepee. Our kids decided that this would not work for our family, because I am much shorter than my husband and the kids all agreed that we would not have a very pretty teepee if he and the boys got to paint it.
We had so much fun learning about teepees this week, making our own little fabric teepees, and playing for hours outside with our toys. To see how we made our Fabric Teepees, you can head over to Sewing With Boys for the complete tutorial. We did use some great prints, like Tomahawk by Art Gallery, which you can find in our SHOP. We hope that you are having a great summer too!

How to Save Money on Fabrics at Sew Thrifty

Good morning world! We are over at Sew Thrifty today sharing a few tips on how to save money on your fabric purchases as part of the Savings Made By Sewing Series. There will be a ton of ideas, tutorials, and tricks to help you save money while doing what makes you happy...sewing! We will see you there.

Jul 7, 2015

Urban Garden Dress & Tunic - Review

I am a little late to this amazing garden party, but with a pattern this fun and beautiful I was not going to miss it! This is the new Urban Garden Dress by Sew Straight & Gather. It is perfect for the hot summer weather that we have been having!
As you will find with all of Terri's patterns there are clear instructions, photo images with each step, tip & tricks, and many different options that allow you to create the perfect garment for little lady!
The sizing runs from 2Y-16Y so you have multiple opportunities to use this pattern. I chose to make the dress version with out the ruffles. My bodice is a size 4 and the skirt length is a 7. I used some of the new Riley Blake knit that is available in our shop, called Year of the Ninja! It is perfect for this little spit fire and a fun use of a print that seems more boy than girl.
The skirt is a light weight knit that I found in the remnants bin at my local fabric store. So when all was said and done this dress cost me about $8 fabric, plus the price of the pattern $8 (which I will use again and again), for a grand total of $16 and about 2.5 hours of sewing time. Time and money well spent!
The pattern can also have a neck ruffle and can be made as a tunic or a dress. I made the entire dress from knit but the skirt can be made from woven which will add texture to the finished garment. I just love testing patterns for Terri! She is so fun to work with, has great tastes, and is always pushing her creative limits. Rumor has it she is working on a new pattern that I can wear for fall! I am super excited!!!

Jun 25, 2015

SWB: Hand Print Fireworks!

Hi all! I am so excited to announce that I get the honor of contributing on the blog Sewing With Boys! My two youngest are from this noisy, dirty, and terribly adorable version of child and I am having so much fun thinking of projects that are specifically for them. Today is my first post and I would love to have some support over there! Please come visit Sewing With Boys and see the 4th of July DIY project my boys and I made. See you there!

Jun 22, 2015

Canadian Pattern Designer Blog Tour: Filles a Maman

I sure hope that you have been following along with this wonderful blog tour hosted by Lulu & Celeste! It has been so much fun to read interviews from some of my favorite designers, see all the fantastic patterns, and hear all about Canada from all the lovely ladies living there. Alas, I am not one of them, I live about six hours south of the border. Yet, I was privileged to go to Whistler B.C. for my honeymoon in 2011! It was as beautiful as I had dreamed it would be! One of the amazing things about this sewing & blogging community that we have created for ourselves here on the internet, is that while we might live thousands of miles away we inspire each other, encourage each other, ohh and awe at each others creations, and have become friends!

I have made a few of Filles a Maman patterns in the past and now I get to share with you one of my favorites! The Extraordinary Girl shirt! I have the combo set (child & adult) because this is a shirt that translates (not only between English and French) from child to adult seamlessly! You can read about my shirt and all the ordinary things I do in it, HERE. Today, however, I am going to show you how awesome my shirts turned out for my girls! I started off with these three coordinating knit fabrics. The Coral solid was from the Purple Seamstress, the Paparounes Art Gallery knit can be found in our SHOP and will be on sale all week! And the Hot Pink solid was from my local JoAnns fabric store.

One of the things that I love about this pattern is that you can get multiple looks for your finished shirt even if you use the same fabrics for all of them. All you need to do is change up the front bodice, or sleeves, or the back. Basically it allows you to color block and have fun! Here are the three different looks that I created using the Extraordinary Girl pattern and my three fabrics.
Look One
(on my "I'm too cool for this, Mom" tween)
Coral - Top Bodice
Paparounes - everything else

Look Two:
(on my "I can't hold still or I might die" sporty girl)
Paparounes - Top Bodice, Sleeves, & Back
Hot Pink - Bottom Bodice
Coral - Pocket

Look Three:
(on my "I still love all the attention!" girly girl)
Hot Pink -Top Bodice & Sleeves
Paparounes - Lower Bodice & Back

Panels are not the only great thing about this pattern. I also love the Hi-Low Hem line and the pocket! The pocket is small and a bit of a pain to complete, but it will be worth your time. It is so cute! I found that wash-away wonder tape will be your best friend when making and attaching this adorable little pocket. You can also take a few liberties with the sleeve length. I really like the 3/4 sleeve and because these shirts will be for Fall it is perfect length for crisp mornings and warm up by mid-day. My other favorite detail is the boat-neck collar. I just love this style! I hope that you try this pattern or any of the others from Filles a Maman. Thanks for visiting our blog today! Keep in touch with us by liking our Facebook page, or following us on Esty, Instagram, or Pinterest.
Before you run off to the next stop on this tour, take a second to try your luck this weeks GIVEAWAY for a Pattern of YOUR CHOICE from Filles a Maman! You can also get 30% Off everything from her shop!
Here is the run down for the Canadian Pattern Designer Blog Tour. Be sure to check out the other blogs and read the interviews. You will not be disappointed!

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July 1st Last day to enter Giveaways and Final Round up Post!
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