Oct 8, 2015

Belle Costume Hack with Mandy K Designs

I love being challenged in my sewing. Sure, there's satisfaction in stitching up simple and fast projects - who doesn't love instant gratification? But I believe challenges help us to grow not only in knowledge but inspiration & creativity. I recently had the opportunity to stretch my imagination a little when I was invited to take a hack at Mandy K Designs Tilt & Twirl Dress. The challenge was to use this pattern as a base and create a unique costume, just in time for Halloween fun! I am thrilled with the result! Knowing that my four year old girl is in full princess mode, this was just the right kick to get going on a unique costume for her. Once I saw the Tilt & Twirl Dress, the gears starting turning for what I could transform it into. My daughter’s favorite princess changes by the hour, but once we came across sparkly gold organza in the clearance section at the fabric store, her heart was set on Belle. Needless to say sparkly = glitter everywhere… EVERYWHERE!  But pure delight on her face when she’s wearing her costume is so worth it! (at least that's what I remind my now bedazzled husband)
The first hack I did to the pattern was to double the full circle overlay skirt, so they cross in front. I cut two full circles from the sparkly gold organza & two more slightly larger skirts out of yellow tulle to give the overlay skirts a little more oomph.  While I made the tulle circles slightly larger, it’s important to remember Amanda’s tip from the pattern:  be sure the inner circle cut from the overlay skirt (for the waist) is the same size as the bodice, or they won’t match up.

I chose to skip the bias tape finish on the hems of the skirts.  I did this because the circle skirt is cut on the bias, so I don’t expect much fraying.  Just to be sure however, I finished the edges with fray check. 

Even better than the steal I paid for the organza, it was on clearance, was the buttery yellow satin for the bodice & circle skirt. I scrounged it from Gemia's stash- for free! The bodice is made from a glittery satin that’s just a shade darker than the skirt – perfect for our French provincial girl. I modified the bodice straps to be much chunkier, almost a cap sleeve.  
As for the sash, I decided to omit it to keep with the style of Belle’s ball gown. The organza shawl across the shoulders was a simple addition, & exactly what was needed to transform our twirly dress into a princess gown.

To make the shawl follow these simple steps:
Cut an 18” x width of fabric rectangle from the organza.  At this point, it’s much longer than needed, but I wanted to make sure it fit around her shoulders with a little bit of wiggle room. With right sides together, stitch along the long edge to make a tube & turn it right side out.  I love love love my walking foot & it was a must for stitching with these slippery fabrics. 

1. Determine where the center is & pinch it to create a few pleats until you have your desired look.  

2. I matched the center of the bodice to the center of the shawl & stitched the bottom pleats in place.  The top pleat was affixed with a few hand stitches in order to hide the rest of the stitching.  

With the shawl partially attached to the bodice, measure around the shoulders and determine the correct length for the organza.  Add a 1” seam allowance and trim off the excess tube. Repeat for the other side.

3. Take one raw edge of the tube and pinch it together (I did somewhat of an accordion fold to make it about 1” wide). When I made the bodice, I left a one inch gap along each closure edge (approx. 1/2" from the neck line) to allow room to insert this raw edge.

4. Tuck in the raw edge of the shawl into the gap on the bodice and secure it with a pin.  

5. Next, top-stitched the opening closed.  This is the only top-stitching I did on the bodice & it's mostly hidden once the shawl falls in place. Repeat for the other raw edge.

6. Add snaps & it's finished!

I really enjoyed this process of taking the fantastic base pattern by Mandy K Designs & transforming it into “something there that wasn’t there before.”  My daughter is quite enchanted with the result as well.

You can pick up your own pattern (or a few!) for 30% off through October 11th with coupon code MKDblogtour2015
Be sure to check out the other talented hacks & knock offs on the blog tour:

Oct 4, 2015

Teaching Kids to Sew: One Thimble Issue 8

You know that moment when you know you have done something but at the same time you are pretty sure you never did...  Well I just had one of those moments! I was able to accomplish a few goals with one very big project this summer and now that Fall has arrived, it is about time that I share it with you.
This summer I chose to take time to teach my girls to sew a bit more. We had practiced here and there, but we have never sat down to really learn and to complete a project start to finish. I also had the amazing opportunity to work with Jen from One Thimble and write my first article for this great online sewing magazine, "Teaching Kids to Sew". The timing could not have been more perfect! It was just the pushed that I needed to stay on track with teaching my girls. I was able to record and then share our journey, from the first stitch tot he blue ribbon!
We started by making sewing notebooks. In these we wrote down the parts of a garment, sewing terms we were learning, and sketches of things that the girls wanted to create one day. A glossary of basic sewing terms, as well as a printable worksheet for the 'Parts of a Dress' are included in the article.
We picked out patterns that would teach basic skills, but still be challenging enough for each of my girls at the level they currently were at. We used two separate patterns. My youngest daughter made an modified Sophia Skirt from Violette Field Threads. It was the perfect project for her beginner skill level. My other two girls each made Dress No. 19 by E+M Patterns. This dress was a bit of a challenge but it has so many skills that are essential to sewing all wrapped up in a pretty and fun dress! We cut patterns, cut fabric, and stitched all our garments together, slowly, but with purpose and enthusiasm.
One of the best parts of all this, was that my girls were creating these garments to show at our County Fair for our 4-H Club. This was such a great goal for my girls to have and I am so proud of them for achieving it! They are not very out going in public and have little experience in submitting a creation for critique, outside of a school science fair project. This was a big deal for our family! At the fair they had to present their garments to a construction judge, have an interview, model the garment in front of a judge, and then finally in front of Fair guests on a public stage. Let's just say that there were tears of fear, frustration, and joy for a few days. In the next issue of One Thimble you can read my follow up article about how teaching children to sew teaches them so much more than simply sewing. But you will have to wait till November to read that.
One of the hardest things for me through this process was remembering that they were learning. The stitches would not be perfect, the pintucks a bit wonky, and focus...not always there. Yet as we finished those final steps and my ladies put on their first handmade piece of clothing, the joy in their eyes and the smiles on their faces were worth more than I can express in words. If you want to read my article "Teaching Kids to Sew" you can purchase a copy of One Thimble Issue 8 (click on the link for a Sneak Peek). Not only will you be able to read the entire article and use the printable worksheets I created for you, but you will also have access to 12 PDF Patterns and pages of articles, beautiful and inspiring photos, interviews, and tips & tricks. You will not be disappointed! I hope you take the time to read my article and to teach a child the joy of sewing! I will leave you with a small snippet from the article;
"Teaching a child to sew is not teaching them to finish a garment that is ready to sell in a Boutique. It is teaching them to sew a garment that they can wear and be proud of! Let the seams be bulky, ignore uneven stitches, and allow your child to learn one stitch at a time!.....You want your child to not only learn to sew but develop a love for sewing. This means that it has to be fun for them!...For me, the point of teaching my children to sew is that I am (1) teaching a skill that they can use though out their life and (2) sharing something with them that I love and makes me happy!....Now give them a big squeeze and a kiss, reward yourself with a special treat, and make memories stitched together with love!" -Teaching Kids to Sew by Gemia Carroll for One Thimble Issue 8

Sep 30, 2015

Sale on Knits is ending Today! Plus a GIVEAWAY!

Today is the last day to get amazing Knits from our SHOP at the SALE price!!! We wanted to share with you some of the garments that we and our friends have made with these knits. We hope you love them as much as we do! We are also running a GIVEAWAY on our Facebook page so be sure to head that way to enter. Goodbye September and Hello Fall!

You know you want this in your little one's closet!
Baby Raglan & Footie Leggings: Painting Morale by Art Gallery Fabrics  (SOLD OUT)

Knit Painted Hoodie: Peachy Custard by Art Gallery Fabrics
Leggings & Kangaroo Pouch: Painting Morale by Art Gallery Fabrics  (SOLD OUT)
Fringe Dress: Fringe Midnight by Art Gallery (SOLD OUT)
Fringe Dress: Collar- Icy Mint by Art Gallery

Creativity runs in the family!
My cousin, Kya runs Trendy Tendency.
Unisex Leggings: Gust of Leaves by Art Gallery
Unisex Leggings: Adventure Springs by Art Gallery (SOLD OUT)

Is there a little kids with more style than this?
Oliver + S School Bus Tee: NY Circuit Ashen by Art Gallery Fabrics
Made It Kite Fold Tee: Bikeleidoscope by Art Gallery (SOLD OUT)
School Bus Tee: Bear Camp by Birch Fabrics (available in Orange)

The answer to the last question was...NO! But his Mom is in the running!
P4 P Women's Raglan: Tin Tint by  Art Gallery

I hope these amazing ladies have inspired you to head over to our shop, check out our fabrics, and get sewing something special! 

Did you notice that some of the knits featured are now sold out...so sad... But do not fret; More is to come and very soon. Here is a sneak peek at new knits and wovens that will be listing in our shop soon. 

Don't forget to head-over to our Facebook page to get your chance to win some end of bolt cuts of knit. See you there!

Sep 25, 2015

My Momiform Makeover with True Bias, Winter Wear Designs, & Art Gallery

Now that my ladies are back in school I have found NO extra time to do all the things I thought I could do. That, my friends, is the irony of life. We cannot find time we can only make the time to do what we feel is important to us. As a mother of five I feel it hard to make time for ME! So when Lauren mentioned this blog series I decided that now was the time to make some time and clothing for me! Motherhood is one of the most rewarding roles I have…it is also one of the hardest. I find that I put myself, my needs, and my wants at the bottom of the list. The thing about it is that when I do this, while those that I love are cared for – I am unhappy and that rubs off on those around me. Motherhood is a journey and a balancing act! I have to give a little to my husband, a little to my children, a little to my community and a little to ME. While I have always enjoyed clothing and making clothing for my children, I have let my own closet become a collection of team tees, Star Wars tees, Bigfoot tees (have I ever mentioned I am a bit of a dork?!?), and a few scattered garments that can be worn on a date night or to Church. My family is growing up however and it is about time my closet gets a little loving! I am ready to enjoy the next part of my journey in style!!!
I chose to make two tops for myself. Of course, once I made then I had to test them out in real life and see if they would pass the test of motherhood. So we ventured out first to the library for story time. I choose to wear my new Button Up byWinter Wear Designs. I have made a handful of PDF Patterns from Winter WearDesign’s and I have enjoyed all of them. This design has a great lose fit that allowed me to move freely as we gathered books from the endless rows of literary delights. I use two Art Gallery woven fabrics for this beauty. The main fabric is Art Gallery's Blueberry Zest. To brighten up the shirt and play with the fun accent panels and cuff in the pattern, I use Sunday Clippings. If you have never used Art Gallery fabrics you are missing out! I choose to use Pearl Snaps instead of buttons for three reasons: (1) I had them on hand (2) they remind me of some of my favorite ‘western’ shirts from collage (3) they are fast & easy (remember I have 5 kids and a life). I love the detail that they added to the shirt.

It is funny how simply putting on this Button Up shirt made me feel a bit more ‘put together.’ My hair was still pulled back in a bun and my jeans had a bit of morning peanut butter on them, but I felt pretty and I loved looking at my cuffs and seeing a playful print that reminded me to enjoy the day and live in the moment. Did this amazing shirt make it easier to read a book to my kids in the library or prevent my little man from crying as we had to say good-bye to the train table till next week….Absolutely NOT! Yet, as I was dragging his sweet 2 year old body out of the public library – I felt like a stylish mom ready to conquer the rest of my day!

For the second shirt I once again used Art Gallery Fabrics (there is a chance I am playing favorites here) but I mixed it up a bit and used knits. I pair the Painting Morale with the Deep Dark Ocean solid knit. These knits are amazing to work with and a soft as can be. I turned these fabrics into TheSutton Blouse by True Bias. This was my first time using a True Bias pattern and I was very happy with every aspect of it! This is an instant gratification kind of pattern because it is simple and fast and my results were exactly what I needed for crisp days of fall. Another perfect thing for the crisp days of fall is Hot Coco, but alas because I made time to sew for myself finally I had not been to the grocery store in a while and we had no milk. So with my new outfit hot of the ironing board we headed out.

I felt amazing strutting my stuff (aka kids), down the aisles in search for milk, fruit, cereal, and few other staples. Did this flowy fall shirt make it easier to stand in line at the checkout, maneuver my cart of kids and groceries to the car while one little man pulled off three bananas and my lady drank milk right out of the bottle….Absolutely NOT. Yet, after the cart was returned, the groceries were stored out of arms reach, and the kids were buckled in their seat (for perhaps the next five years of their lives)– I looked in the rear view mirror and felt like stylish mom who just conquered the grocery store!

So again I repeat myself; Motherhood is one of the most rewarding roles I have…it is also one of the hardest. Motherhood is a journey and a balancing act – now, thanks to my new Momiform Makeover, I can enjoy it with style!
I had so much fun with these amazing ladies that are participating in this series! Be sure to see how they changed-up & vamped-up their Momiforms by reading the other posts. You can also work on your own Momiform. Lauren and an amazing group of sponsors are making it eeasy to do by giving away so many awesome prizes, so go enter and win. I also want to say thank you again to Winter Wear Designs and True Bias for helping my feel my best! Be sure to get new fabrics for your Momiform from our shop Phat Quarters! Now go conquer your day…in style!

Momiform MAKEover
REMEMBER: Scroll to the bottom of this post to enter the two separate Rafflecopters! 50+ winners will be selected! Get 10% off your fabric order from now through October 1 at Michael Levine/LowPriceFabric.com with code: Makeover10
Get 20% off your pattern order now through October 1 at UpCraft Club with code: MOMIFORM Are you MAKE-ing over your Momiform? Join the fun on Instagram with hashtag #momiformmakeover

Be sure to check out all the awesome series participants to get lots of momiform inspiration!

momiform major sponsors
Special thanks to these major sponsors who generously donated the following items for the giveaway:
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Janome - One Skyline S5 Sewing Machine* Indiesew - Four $50 gift certificates (four separate winners) Michael Levine / Low Price Fabric - Four $25 gift certificates (four separate winners) and 10% discount for readers through October 1 - code: Makeover10 UpCraft Club - Two $25 gift certificates (two separate winners) and 20% discount on patterns through October 1 - code: MOMIFORM
And the following pattern designers who graciously provided patterns for the series participants and/or contributed the following items for the giveaway:
Grainline Studio - Two patterns of your choice True Bias - Hudson Pants & Southport Dress patterns Colette -Two patterns of your choice Closet Case Files -Two patterns of your choice Sew Much Ado -Two patterns of your choice Sew Straight & Gather - Three patterns of your choice Golden Rippy - Two patterns of your choice 110 Creations: A Sewist's Notebook Patterns for Pirates - Two patterns of your choice Itch to Stitch - Two patterns of your choice Mouse House Creations - Two patterns of your choice Hey June Handmade -Two patterns of your choice Peekaboo Pattern Shop - Three patterns of your choice Go-to Patterns - One women's pattern of your choice GreenStyleCreations -Two patterns of your choice Puperita - One pattern of your choice Sofilantjes - Two patterns of your choice Charlotte Kan - One pattern of your choice So Sew Easy - Two patterns or one bundle of your choice OUSM Designs - Women's Thumbs-Up Tee pattern E-Beth Designs - Two patterns of your choice Muffin Head Patterns - Any pattern of your choice up to $10 GrayDay Patterns - Sandpoint Top or Athena Top pattern (your choice) Scientific Seamstress - One pattern of your choice Stitch Upon a Time - $20 gift card 5 out of 4 - Two patterns of your choice Frianki Patterns - Two patterns of your choice KZ Jo Studio - Two patterns of your choice Straight Stitch Designs - Full collection of patterns Sewing Patterns by Aivilo Charlotte - Two patterns of your choice Striped Swallow Designs - Two patterns of your choice Rose and Lee Designs - Two patterns of your choice Sewing Geek Patterns - One pattern of your choice Filles a Maman - One pattern of your choice Bella Sunshine Designs - One pattern of your choice Liola Designs - One pattern of your choice Cali Faye Collection - One pattern of your choice Tinman Patterns - Orbit Skirt pattern Felicity Sewing Patterns - Two patterns of your choice Winter Wear Designs - Two patterns of your choice Ellie Inspired - Three patterns of your choice Love Notions - One pattern of your choice a Sparkly Baby - Two patterns of your choice Terra's Treasures Designs - Two patterns of your choice
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This second Rafflecopter includes all the other sponsor items since they can be awarded internationally! You must enter both Rafflecopters in order to be entered to win both the sewing machine and the rest of the giveaway items. All patterns awarded will be in PDF format. Enjoy!

Sep 11, 2015

Get ready for Fall sewing with Knits on Sale!

The kids are back in school & all too soon the late summer heat will be changing to crisp Fall weather.
I'm ready to cozy up with some hot apple cider & comfy fabrics.  This month, I'm planning on at least one new shirt for myself & some raglans for my little ones.
Courtney from The Wholesome Mama has been stitching away for her little guy & made a cute raglan for his Back to School wardrobe.  Here's her clever use of the Limestone Feel Indigo knit from Art Gallery

 We've added several new prints to the shop as well as some yummy coordinating solids, so there's lots to choose from when planning for your own cool weather sewing project.  To make it even more sweet, all knits are on SALE for the month of September!  No coupon code needed!

What are your favorite knit projects?  We'd love for you to share your projects & ideas with us on Facebook.  Don't forget to follow us on Instagram as well!

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